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Dynamic Email Content

Dynamic Content within an email marketing campaign provides an opportunity to reach a customer’s attention through personalization. By tailoring a message to the specific recipient, your message takes on additional value and the potential for increased sales opportunities.

What Makes Email Content "Dynamic"?

Any available data regarding your mailing list may be used to create specific, personalized messages. For example:

  • Name
  • Geographic Data
  • Past Buying Behavior
  • Past Email Activity

By inserting a first name field into a subject line, or sending emails to individuals with different content based on geographic locale, your email becomes "dynamic" by utilizing the data for each contact.

How Can I Market With Dynamic Content?

Popular uses for personalized content includes cross-selling or up-selling, sending offers based on personal or geographic data, or using any other accessible data to creatively market products and services.

What Dynamic Content Services Does Exact Data Offer?

Exact Data’s Email Marketing Services include a wide range of Dynamic Content opportunities for our clients. For more information and to speak with a Sales Representative, please call us at
877-440-3282 or send an email to