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Exact Data’s growth can be attributed to its clients’ successes. Our employees and stake holders share the common belief that putting the client first is smart business. Our corporate values include integrity, stewardship, education and entrepreneurship.


How to Make the Most Of Healthcare Email Marketing

For healthcare professionals and others in the industry, having an accurate, up-to-date data list makes a world of difference. Medical mailing lists can make a huge impact on your business, but where do you actually collect effective and reliable data? 

4 Advantages of Direct Marketing: How to Connect with Customers

Direct marketing is one of the most powerful promotional methods where a business connects with a target audience, without using an advertising ‘middle-man.’ With direct marketing, your business creates hyper-specific marketing that provides relevant information directly to your target audience....

The Most Effective Types of Direct Marketing and When to Use Them

Direct marketing is an effective way for businesses to reach out and connect with their customers to promote their products and services. It's important to establish a compelling call to action (CTA) and give the consumer a reason to purchase. Not all types of direct marketing are created equal, so ...