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Sweepstakes Mailing Lists

TitleChannelsUniversePriceLast Update
$25,000+ Sweepstakes Buy-InsCall for CountCall for Price01/07/2019
Active Sweepstakes ParticipantsCall for CountCall for Price01/07/2019
All Cash SweepstakesCall for CountCall for Price01/15/2019
America's SweepstakesCall for CountCall for Price01/09/2019
Avid Sweepstakes Enthusiasts34,444,998$ 195.00 / M01/07/2019
Avid Sweepstakes Players31,795,383$ 195.00 / M01/12/2019
Casino Lovers, Sweepstakes and Lottery PlayersCall for CountCall for Price01/13/2019
Double Opt-In Email Enter to Win Sweepstakes, Lottery and Contest EntrantsCall for CountCall for Price01/07/2019
East Coast Sweepstakes RespondersCall for CountCall for Price01/16/2019
Gambling, Lottery and Sweepstakes PlayersCall for CountCall for Price01/16/2019
Gambling, Lottery, and Sweepstakes Enthusiasts38,646,110$ 175.00 / M01/10/2019
Giveaways and Sweepstakes Entrants33,120,190$ 185.00 / M01/11/2019
Golf Vacation Sweepstakes EntrantsCall for CountCall for Price01/11/2019
Internet Sweepstakes CenterCall for CountCall for Price01/07/2019
Internet Sweepstakes Participants3,990,389$ 80.00 / M01/13/2019
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